By: Parker Coulter

Analyzing the First Five Months of 2024 Active Listings and Projections

Analyzing the First Five Months of 2024 Active Listings and Projections

Overview of 2024's Active Listings

The real estate market's activity for the first five months of 2024 has shown a promising upward trend in active listings. The data here is that of ORTIS system and includes collective data from most of Ontario minus the GTA. This trend in the GTA is quite similar. The monthly breakdown is as follows:

  • January: 31,023 listings
  • February: 31,780 listings
  • March: 33,949 listings
  • April: 37,866 listings
  • May: 41,822 listings

From January to May, there has been a consistent increase in the number of active listings, rising from 31,023 in January to 41,822 in May. This represents a growth of approximately 35% over five months, indicating a robust market with increasing seller activity.

Comparative Analysis with Previous Years

To understand the significance of this year's data and project future trends, it is essential to compare it with the active listings from previous years. Notably, similar trends of rising listings from January to May have been observed historically. For instance:

  • 2023: Listings increased from 28,846 in January to 34,503 in May.
  • 2022: Listings saw a sharp rise from 16,215 in January to 29,578 in May.
  • 2021: A modest increase from 18,391 in January to 24,137 in May.

The trend of increasing listings in the first five months is consistent across these years. The growth rates, while variable, indicate a strong cyclical pattern where the market sees a surge in activity in the early months of the year.

Projected Trends for 2024

Given the historical data and the current year's performance, we can make informed projections for the remainder of 2024. If the trend of increasing listings continues, we can expect the following:

  1. Historical Growth Rates:

    The average percentage increase from January to May in recent years has been around 25% to 40%. Applying a similar growth rate to the current trend suggests continued growth through the remaining months of the year, in a year that is already significantly above the 10 year average.

  2. Mid-Year and Year-End Projections:

    If the listings continue to grow at the current rate, we can project a potential mid-year listing count of around 50,000 to 55,000 by July.

    By the end of the year, the listings could potentially reach between 60,000 to 65,000, assuming consistent market conditions and seller activity. With total listings already at the highest number for the month of May in over a decade this would create massive inventory options for prospective buyers. 

    The only foreseeable factor that could shift this trend would be that of lowering interest rates bringing buyers back into the market. 


The first five months of 2024 have demonstrated a record breaking and increasing real estate market in regards to new listings, with active listings rising steadily each month. Comparing this year's data with previous years confirms a consistent trend of growth during the early months. If these trends continue, we can expect significant increases in active listings throughout the rest of the year, potentially reaching new highs by year-end.

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